YouTube Kiwi Creators Day


Last weekend, some really nice people from Google put on a Creators Day for a group of kiwi YouTubers to give us some tips and advice for growing our channels. I attempted to be a proper blogger and take pictures of the day.

As you’ll see, I kind of failed at that. But here are a few pics from the day (albeit some are slightly blurry, because it seems my camera is not the best in low light).

A few of us started off the day with brunch at Shakey Isles. Not particularly relevant but I couldn’t pass up posting this picture of Ellen’s meal. Brunch was actually my first meeting with Ellen and her sister Tara (they have a great style channel called Shop Style Conquer). Be prepared to see a lot more mentions/pictures of them in this post because I’m a tad obsessed with their awesomeness.


The girls were filming a massive OOTD video involving lots of YouTubers so we grabbed a few shots (and went lipstick shopping) before heading to the event.

Ellen filming Chin in her gorgeous dress.


The event itself was so brilliant. We were given so much amazing advice and it definitely felt pretty special to have three Google employees answering our questions and walking us through things like analytics, tentpole programming and best practices. I learned a lot, and I’m super inspired to put the tips I learned into practice on my channel.

My 50mm lens couldn’t really capture much of the room, but check out Britney being adorable in the middle there.

These two. How can you not love ’em. Spot Kieran posing in the background there.

It was so good to finally meet lots of people in the flesh who I’ve been watching on YouTube for a while, like Bonnie for instance!

Isn’t she absolutely stunning!

I was just really excited about meeting these two okay?

After the talks, the Google team kindly put up a bar tab at Roxy for us for happy hour, which turned into getting a late meal at Federal deli.

Adz taking an artsy shot at Roxy

I honestly found this time just as valuable as the presentations themselves as I had a particularly awesome chat with Arneen, Steph, Tara & Ellen and Bryce about all things YouTube, blogging and PR related. With YouTube you can learn so much from your peers and I’m incredibly grateful that everyone was talking so openly and helping each other out. Warmed my little heart.

I came away from the day so excited about my future on YouTube and the community in general that I very nearly couldn’t sleep. I hate to get all soppy here but I just feel so darned lucky to be a part of something that is truly so special. I started YouTube on a bit of a whim, not really thinking about where it might lead. But I can definitely tell you I never would have guessed it would lead to me talking about the pros and cons of a multi-channel network with a YouTube account manager in a bar in Auckland.

I’m feeling so inspired. And I’m going to put that inspiration into motion and work my butt off to make my channel the best it can be!