Makeup storage inspiration


I really shouldn’t enjoy watching makeup collection videos on Youtube as much as I do, after all they’re basically just 15+ minutes of someone reading out brand names! But my favourite part of them is seeing how different people store their makeup.

I love organisation, and while I’m generally not a very tidy person, I love when everything has a place so for this weeks video I wanted to show you how I store my little makeup collection.

I’m super envious of girls who have whole rooms and drawer sets dedicated to their makeup, but my collection just doesn’t warrant that. However, just cos it could all fit in one drawer of my dresser, doesn’t mean that’s how I store it! I like having it on display so its easy to grab and apply in the mornings. Check out the video to see a few ways I’ve made my makeup storage really functional, but also unique and lovely-looking so that it becomes a part of my room decor.

How do you store your makeup?