Monthly Overview – November 2014


November always seems to be the time of year I find myself thinking ‘Life can’t possibly get busier than this!’ but then of course December hits and the last month of the year flies by even faster. 

This month was full of exciting things, first and foremost being that Smay and I were able to finally announce our move to London. It’s a plan that has been in the works for many months, but telling the internet somehow made it feel so much more real.And scary. This month we also managed to find ourselves a flat to live in short term while we’re getting settled, so that makes everything a little less scary.

Somewhat connected to the London move is the fact I started vlogging this month, which has been a fun learning curve. I want to vlog our move, so I felt like I should start early to get some practice in. I’m loving it and to my surprise it seems a lot of my subscribers are enjoying it too, which is a bonus!

The biggest thing this month though, has been the launch of my latest collection of t-shirts for my little apparel company Liner Note Kids. I hadn’t released a new collection for two years, and I knew that with the move to England it was now or never. So I gathered together my various inspiration notes and got designing, created the screens, printed the shirts and made a lookbook to launch the line; all within the space of a few weeks. I’m really happy with the results though, so if you’re a fan of music head on over to the LNK store and check them out. A few people have asked if I’ll keep on printing shirts when I move, and the answer to that is yes, but it may take a while for me to get my screens and supplies shipped over, and to find a UK blank shirt provider.

Thanks to getting the t-shirt line finished, I have not made much headway with getting my a into g with going through the stuff I’ve collected throughout the past 8 years living in Wellington in preparation for the move. That will be next months focus!

How about you? How was your November?