What’s in my bag? The gig edition


In a musical twist to the classic ‘what’s in my bag’ format I want to show you what I take with me to gigs.

Sometimes this stuff is shoved into the zip up pockets of my leather jacket rather than in an actual bag. But when I do decide to carry something extra I take a cross body bag like this one from Bershka. You can easily swing it around in front of you to keep an eye on your stuff, while still keeping your hands free for waving wildly in the air. And, because it’s cheap you don’t have to worry about inevitable wear and tear. Now onto the contents.

Cards and cash: While a lot of merch stands and venue bars do take card payment, it’s always faster to just pay with cash. The card is there for backup and the ID in case someone thinks I look under 25 (a girl can dream okay).

Oyster card: I live in South-West London, and so far most gigs I’ve been to have either been in Brixton or Camden, so my monthly travel pass comes in handy for getting to and fro.

Phone: For Instagrams and finding friends, and just cos why would I go anywhere without it?

Headphones: For listening to the bands on the way to and from the show.

Keys: For getting into your house after. Duh.

Vlog camera: For filming some snippets of the show for my weekly vlog I’ve also been enjoying taking snaps on this camera at shows because the quality is so much better than my phone (check some out in my post about live music)

Spare battery: Because my vlog cameras battery life is the pits.

Tickets: Don’t forget these. It won’t be a fun time.

Earplugs: This may seem like a nerdy choice but there’s nothing cool about hearing loss. If you love music and go to a lot of gigs it’s important to protect your precious eardrums. Try it out next time you go to a show. You can still hear everything fine and you won’t have that annoying ringing in your ears the next day. Win-win!

If you’re a fellow concert-goer, what do you take with you to shows?