Outlet mall shopping


As you may have seen in a recent travel vlog, my friend Jess took me to an outlet mall when I went to stay with her in Spanaway. I’m used to outlet malls being places full of last seasons items at a discount rate, where my size is sold out in pretty much everything. It seems that is not the case in the US. This mall felt like a regular one, and I picked up a few pieces that were on my list (as well as a couple that weren’t…). Let me show you.

Michael Kors wallet – I’ve been wanting a nice wallet to live inside my Selma handbag for a long time now. I chose this zip-up off-white one because it would be easy to spot in the depths of my black bag. I’ve always owned dome-closure wallets in the past but am really loving the zip. it feels more secure and keeps the wallet more compact (even when I stuff it full of change and receipts).

Michael Kors card holder – Sometimes I just don’t need to be carrying around anything more than my debit card, ID and Oyster card. I got this gorgeous pink card holder for my most-used cards so that I can easily switch bags without forgetting anything and keep my cards safe together. I’ve been pleased to find the swipe card for my office still works perfectly tucked in the middle slot and doesn’t interfere with my Oyster on the outside, so since getting this card holder I haven’t forgotten it once! (and that was a regular occurrence before)

Nike Free Run 5.0 sneakers – I’m still iffy about joining this bandwagon. I don’t believe in buying brands just cos they’re brands and I’ve yet to decide if these sneakers are worth their full price. Luckily though, I didn’t have to pay full retail price for them, which is why I bought them. Thanks outlet mall. I’ve found Anna’s styling tips useful since the only sneakers I’m used to wearing outside the gym are Vans and Chucks. They are super light and comfy sneakers that’s for sure. I wouldn’t wear them to run as there is absolutely zero support for your arches and ankles. A day walking around Disneyland though? Perfect.

Nike workout gear – I’ve made a video in the past about which items I splurge on and which I just buy cheap. Workout clothes are definitely something I don’t think are worth buying branded. However, thanks to the exchange rate and to the outlet mall prices; this top and pair of shorts were cheaper than buying their high-street counterparts in H&M over here in England! So they came home with me.

Vans sneaker socks – My love of my cutout boots means I wear a lot of ‘invisible socks’, and I needed even more if I was going to be doing the sneakers-with-jeans thing now too. These were on a two-for-one in the Vans store so I now have six new pairs in all different colours and patterns.

That’s everything I bought at the outlet mall. Well, that and an Orange Julius. And a present for someone but I can hardly post that before they’ve opened it can I?

What do you think of my purchases? This is the most I’ve shopped in one go for a long time and it was fun to spend the day with Jess filling up our arms with shopping bags. Check out some clips from the trip in the vlog below if you haven’t seen it already!