2016 music experiences infographic

Tracking data from my life is something I’ve been geeking out over ever since I first saw Nicholas Felton’s annual reports. He logged data from pretty much every aspect of his life and presented it all in the form of beautifully design reports at the end of each year. It’s the stuff my data nerd dreams are made of.

In 2015 I decided I wanted to try do something similar, but tracking all that data throughout the year is no mean feat. So I scaled back my ambitions to simply tracking my music habits. What resulted was an infographic about the music I’d listened to throughout the year (you can check it out here). I decided it would be the first of many. Like Felton, I wanted to be able to look back on several years of this data to compare and see how things change over time.

For 2016 I took a slightly different approach to graphing my music, mostly because the tool I used to track my listening, last.fm, wasn’t syncing to Spotify correctly. But rather than give up on the project, I decided to track my offline music experiences in a spreadsheet throughout the year.

If you watch my vlogs, you’ll know that I go to a lot of shows. Too many, some might say. But it’s my favourite pastime, and living in London after years of growing up as a music fan in New Zealand (where it’s rare for bands to visit) I feel like I have to make the most of any opportunity to hear music I love played live.

My 2016 music infographic chronicles those experiences, covering the when, where and what of the gigs I went to throughout the year, along with the merch and records I purchased. I love this project because even though it’s just data from one part of my life, it really does give a snapshot of how I choose to spend my time and money.

You’ll see the phrase ‘you are what you listen to’ at the top of the graphic, because I truly believe that the music you listen to and how you choose to support it is a reflection of your personality. So take a look at the infographic below and maybe you’ll get to know me a little better.

This year I based the colour palette of the infographic on the artwork of my Album of the Year, Be Nothing by Boston Manor (who I saw play twice, as you’ll see in the data). The fonts used are Quattrocento and Quattrocento Sans because I wanted a serif and a sans-serif that worked well together. Last year’s design was very flat, so I brought texture to this one in the form of a noise layer over the green background, and photos taken at some of the gigs shown in the infographic.

Take a look and let me know what you think!