Being conscious of what you consume

Recently I did a huge clearout of my YouTube subscription feed. I found I wasn’t watching videos because whenever I looked at my feed it was mostly filled with content I wasn’t really interested in anymore. This meant I was missing videos made by my friends, and missing out on inspiring content that could add value to my life because I was distracted by all the noise.

Social media is noisy.

The internet is noisy.

But you can choose what voices you hear amongst the din.

These days the videos I’m most interested in are ones that show other peoples hard-working lives. No red carpets. No designer clothing hauls. No hilarious challenges. Just real life and real work.

This has definitely impacted the way I film my own vlogs now too. I’m much more likely to chat about work than I am to film when I’m just hanging out with friends. I find it so inspiring to hear about others work and how they approach it, so I want to offer that same encouragement to my viewers.

You are what you consume.

I consider time to be very precious. I realised I was giving too much attention to things that don’t really matter to me or have a positive impact on me. So when I did my clearout, I sought out new voices to fill my feed with value. By that I don’t mean I want to learn something from every video I watch–I firmly believe in the value of entertainment and escapism–but I want to be more mindful of the content I choose to consume, because like it or not, it does have an impact on you and your mindset.

I was specifically looking to watch people who, like me, work in the tech industry, or who are entrepreneurs documenting their path to their dream. (I’m still on hunt by the way, so if you have a channel to suggest please reply and let me know). I want to share a few channels I’ve been really enjoying recently that I think you should add to your feed if you too have been feeling uninspired and cluttered.

Matt Ragland
Matt is one of my talented workmates (you may have seen him in my vlog from our company retreat in Oceanside, CA). He started making regular videos this year where he shares great ideas, and talks about his work and family. I love watching his videos because he’s great at explaining things and is so open with sharing his thoughts.

Kalina Edwards
Kalina is a developer who has been learning through Treehouse, and recently got her first coding job. I love watching her updates on how she’s going with her learning and working. She’s super honest about both the struggles and the wins and she inspires me to keep trying when coding gets tough!

Nathan Kontny
Nathan is the CEO of CRM software company Highrise and he vlogs (daily!) about his life and work. I love the way he edits his videos together. There is always one overarching ‘lesson’ he’s sharing (or a problem he’s working on) but talk about it is interspersed with clips from family life, giving a great all-round look at his day.

Amy Schmittauer
Amy is a social media/marketing guru who recently released a book called Vlog Like A Boss that’s all about how to build a business and a following through vlogging. She’s inspirational and hard-working, but I love that she shows pieces of her non-work life in her vlogs too. She’s human and not afraid to show it.

Now, one thing you may notice is that all of these channels have less than 100k subscribers. In fact with the exception of Amy they’ve got less than 2,000! And that’s why I wanted to link you to them. I think these channels are ‘hidden gems’ in the giant ocean that is YouTube and they’re worthy of your attention.

I want to encourage you to take notice of what you’re consuming, and make changes if you realise it’s not improving your life. Your time is yours to spend, but spend it wisely.