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I’m a designer, writer, speaker & content creator here to be your cheerleader, teacher & virtual mentor as you improve your craft and navigate your design career.

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Your go-to guide for brand & marketing design

I’m currently writing a book about increasing the impact of your in-house brand & marketing design work. In the meantime, you can dive in to episodes of the Inside Marketing Design podcast for juicy insights into the principles, processes and projects of some of your favourite tech companies.

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Get personalised help in taking the next step in your design career

If you need feedback on your portfolio, advice on preparing for a job application or interview, or perhaps help getting clarity on what your goals are for your career and the next step to take towards them: schedule a mentoring call. You’ll be surprised at just how deep we can dig together in a 30 minute 1 on 1 session!

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“My session with Charli was amazing. I was skeptical at first because it can be hard to go deep with only 30-mins, but I got a lot of value from our call. Charli provided me with actionable tips and strategies to improve my website content as well as my overall positioning. What I loved most about our session was that she asked clarifying questions to make sure she had all of the relevant information to provide the best possible answer for my unique situation.”


“I loved my session with Charli! She helped me look at the problem objectively, provided direct and insightful feedback, and offered great suggestions for how to move forward.


“I had a 30min chat with Charli about my YouTube channel and the advice and feedback alone will save my tons and tons of hours trial and error. Will definitely do more sessions in the future!”


“Before I met with Charli, I was feeling really unsure of myself and my career direction. And in just 30 minutes I had clarity and a plan! Charli is so easy to talk to, encouraging, and offers fantastic guidance. I 100% would still be waffling if it weren't for our mentorship session.”


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You’ll find for a curated selection of roles on the Inside Marketing Design job board

Videos about life & work as a web designer in tech

I’ve been making YouTube videos since 2013; documenting my design career and posting educational videos about the design process.

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Thoughts on design, business and side projects

While most of my writing goes directly to my newsletter subscribers, on my blog I share posts about my design career, as well as income reports and a behind-the-scenes look at my business.

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Reaching a multiple six-figure income - 2022/23 income report


An overview of the income streams that grew (and shrunk) for me in the past year

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But I don’t just talk about design…

I’m the Creative Director at ConvertKit and as the manager of our Brand Studio team I work on creating systems and consistency for our overall brand as well as designing and iterating on our marketing site, campaigns and events.

Sometimes you’ll even find me live-streaming these projects on my YouTube channel, so subscribe if you want to see the work happen in real-time.

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