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"With this mentorship, I was looking for help to define the visual direction of my Master's Thesis since I was quite lost with it. As expected, Charli gave good design advice and clear steps to move forward. But, most importantly, her calm yet confident attitude during the call encouraged me to take on design decisions in a much better headspace than previously."

"Charli was a careful listener and responded my questions very honestly while sharing some of her personal experience. I am grateful for our online coffee and advice Charli gave me. I would be happy to discuss my design career with her any time again."

"Right from our first conversation Charli gave me concrete guidance for how to navigate different challenges as a designer. After putting it into action, I can already see her advice benefiting my career!"

"I'm a designer with over 20 years of experience across different disciplines of design including marketing, UI, UX, and front-end development. Charli's mentoring helped me to focus my portfolio and how I represent myself online. I'm truly grateful being able to talk with someone who is subjective of me and my work. Charli's candid and positive feedback is valuable, uplifting, and helpful. I highly recommend her to any designer looking for someone to provide them with honest insight about design."

"I came to Charli feeling uncertain about a potential career transition. I had a boatload of worries and questions about whether this transition would be the right move for me. Charli provided a safe space to explore my situation. She showed up to our session with non-judgemental curiosity, guided me by asking appropriate questions, gave me useful advice and feedback, and helped bring me assurance and encouragement."

“My session with Charli was amazing. I was skeptical at first because it can be hard to go deep with only 30-mins, but I got a lot of value from our call. Charli provided me with actionable tips and strategies to improve my website content as well as my overall positioning. What I loved most about our session was that she asked clarifying questions to make sure she had all of the relevant information to provide the best possible answer for my unique situation.”

“I loved my session with Charli! She helped me look at the problem objectively, provided direct and insightful feedback, and offered great suggestions for how to move forward.

“I had a 30min chat with Charli about my YouTube channel and the advice and feedback alone will save my tons and tons of hours trial and error. Will definitely do more sessions in the future!”

“Before I met with Charli, I was feeling really unsure of myself and my career direction. And in just 30 minutes I had clarity and a plan! Charli is so easy to talk to, encouraging, and offers fantastic guidance. I 100% would still be waffling if it weren't for our mentorship session.”

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