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Level-up your design career by crafting a unique personal brand

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Hosted by Charli Marie

The Crafting a Personal Brand workshop is designed to help creative professionals like you to establish a clear and powerful personal brand. It'll help you to fearlessly embrace self-promotion, and take action on building a reputation that will open doors and elevate your career.

If you want to:

Level-up in your role
Land a great new job
Win freelance clients
Or grow your influence within the design community...

Then you need to build a reputation that earns you these opportunities.

Your reputation is your personal brand

Your brand isn’t your colours or your logo; it’s a perception that’s formed by the experiences and interactions someone has with you. And when you’re intentional about your online (and offline!) presence, you can shape that perception and align it to your goals, while being authentically and uniquely you.

My personal brand has been a key factor in landing opportunities throughout my design career. Having a clear understanding of what I want to be known for, and taking actions to build that reputation intentionally has helped me to:

earn promotions
nail interviews
land client projects
grow an audience online of more than 250,000 people
seriously increase my income
build a network of talented designers I can lean on for support and advice

Yep, crafting my personal brand has gotten me far. And now I’m passing that knowledge on to you.

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This workshop will teach you a practical framework for crafting your personal brand

In this 90-minute workshop I’ll lead you through the process of:

1. Defining your identity

Figuring out what you want to be known for and writing a personal brand statement that makes it clear.

2. Aligning your actions with your ambitions

Auditing your current presence and identifying areas that are out of alignment with the reputation you want to build.

3. Creating a plan to focus your efforts

Committing to the key steps you’ll take to build the personal brand you want over time.

You’ll leave the workshop with the clarity and motivation you need to actually take action on achieving your goals.

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What this workshop won’t teach you

This is not a technical design tutorial.

I won’t be teaching you how to design a logo or pick your colour palette or set up a brand guide in Figma. But you will be able to use your personal brand statement to make these decisions on your own. Your personal brand can honestly look however you want it to look, it’s the intention behind it that matters; and that’s what I’ll help you figure out.

I also won’t be teaching you how to go viral or become famous.

Crafting a personal brand isn’t about fame, it’s about having influence in the areas you want to impact (and those are not the same thing). Depending on your goals, growing your audience online might be a result of the way you implement the framework (and I’ll certainly pass on my advice for that!) — but you don’t have to grow a large audience to grow your influence.

Who this workshop is for

This workshop is for ambitious creative professionals who want more from their careers.

“More” looks different for everyone. It could mean earning a promotion, finding a new job that better fits your goals, landing high-value freelance clients, growing your confidence to share your work or even becoming a more well-known designer in general and getting more connected to the design community.

Any designer at any stage of their career in any design discipline can benefit from being intentional about their personal brand. If you have hopes and dreams to level up your career (whatever that looks like), this workshop is for you.

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I’ve helped thousands of designers to grow in their careers (and their confidence)

My teaching on personal branding and design career growth through my YouTube videos, podcast episodes, newsletter issues and conference talks has been motivating designers for more than nine years. Here’s some feedback from just a few of the designers I’ve helped.

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The Crafting a Personal Brand workshop

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About the host

If we haven’t met before, then hi! I’m Charli Marie and I’ve been working as a designer in the tech industry for more than a decade.

I started my career in my home country of New Zealand, but it was my move to London in 2015 that made me really get serious about crafting my personal brand. I was starting fresh in a new country where I didn’t know any other designers and I had to build my network again from scratch.

Not only did I rebuild using the tips I share in this workshop, it’s safe to say I’ve thrived.

I landed a role at a London-based fashion-tech startup, then another working remote for US tech company ConvertKit where I earned promotion after promotion to end up where I am today as Creative Director leading the Brand Studio team.

The connections I’ve built within the design community have helped me to grow and the content I create reaches tens of thousands of designers every week. I’m known for being transparent and driven, so I’m holding nothing back in sharing the path to personal brand building with you.

I know you’re going to leave this workshop feeling motivated to take action on achieving your career goals. And I’m excited to help you get there.

Ready to level-up your design career?


The Crafting a Personal Brand workshop

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