About me

I’m a designer from New Zealand currently living and loving life in London. I work full time as a web and graphic designer at a London startup and I’m slightly addicted to side projects. Along with running a little t-shirt company, Liner Note Kids, I spend a lot of my spare time creating videos for my YouTube channel CharliMarieTV. I also run a design podcast called Design Life with my good friend Femke.

I’m passionate about music and designing merchandise and album art for bands that their fans will love and want to treasure forever. If you’d like to hire me for a project of your own, get in touch.


Upcoming events

February 27, 2017 – London, UK
Speaking about branding on YouTube at YouTube & Online Video Pros

April 7-9 2017 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Featured guest at the first VidCon Europe.

If you’d like me to speak at your conference or meetup about design and creativity, get in touch.


Past events

October 27-29 2016 – Austin, Texas
Gave a talk about creating video consistently at the seanwes conference

June 25 2016 – Anaheim, Los Angeles
Featured guest at VidCon on the ‘How DIY brings people together’ panel.

June 24 2016 – Anaheim, Los Angeles
Interviewed at the Adobe booth at VidCon. Watch the video here.

May 29 2016 – Bradford, England
Hosted a workshop on vlogging for the Bradford Literature Festival.


Around the internet

Winner of a silver award in the Best Design Awards 2014 for Xerocon

Shortlisted for ‘Best Vlog’ in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015

“Setting bigger goals with Charli Prangley” on The Apartment blog

Guest on episode 84 of the podcast Less Than or Equal

“The graphic designers you should be following on YouTube” on DesignTaxi

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“Charli Prangley on spec work” on Logo Design Love

“Running a t-shirt company from my bedroom” guest post on Polished

“Why I think music is extraordinary” on Polished



From time to time companies might send me products to try out in the hopes I might like them enough to talk about them on my blog or YouTube channel. If this happens, you’ll always get my honest opinion and be told that I didn’t spend my own money on it. I rarely take on sponsored work (that’s where a brand pays you to write a blog post or make a video inspired by them or their product) but when I do it’ll only be because I had a good idea that fit the brief and I thought you’d like to hear about it. I make sure I always have complete creative control and I’d never write or say something I don’t believe in so rest assured, the opinions you hear from me are always 100% honest no matter if the content is sponsored or not. We cool?